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Emergency Flood Response in Roseville

The storms of last summer had put cities water systems to the test. Even though many of them performed correctly, the storm was too much to handle flooding basements through out Macomb County, and the rest of Michigan. Roseville had around 5.5 inches of rain fall in one day which will cause flooding in basements, streets, and yards. It is important to have sewer back up insurance added to your insurance policy as almost every one will go through one to three sewer back-ups in their life time. Sewer Back Up is not included in most insurance companies policies. It is considered and add-on, and must be purchases separately. For around 10-15 dollars more a year, you can add on 5-10 thousand dollars worth of sewer back up insurance.

Thankfully, the job that I will talk about, the homeowner had the separate policy for sewer back up/failed sump pump. We received a call from a frantic home owner which had nearly 32 inches of water stuck in their basement. We informed the home owner that a plumber would need to be called out before we could start any work, as water would just keep coming in as we were pumping it out. Once we helped her out with the plumbing situation, we gathered our crew of certified water technicians to look at the scope of work, and plan on how to best tackle this water problem. The first plan of action was to set our pumps, and get the remaining water out of the basement before starting any sort of dry-out procedures.

Once the flooding water had been removed from the basement, we took moisture readings to check to see how bad the damage was. Carpet, Pad, Drywall, and contents were all affected. We removed the water damage contents to the garage, to allow the basement to dry easier. Removed the carpet, and pad, as it was sewage it is not possible to save the carpet. Water had absorbed into the drywall, we cut 2 feet of dry wall out, and removed the insulation on the outside walls. Once this prep phase is completed we can start to actually dry out the house.

Leaving the correct amount of air movers, and commercial Dehumidifiers is essential in a proper dry-out. Once every thing is set in the correct places, and distribution to start the process of finally drying out this water damaged basement, we spray an anti-microbial called Benefect. This is to prevent and kill any possible or existing mold. After around 72 hours we will come back, take readings make sure that everything has dried properly, and to make sure there is no chance of any further damage. Once this is completed, the dry-out portion of your job is finished.

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Flood Kleenup is family owned and located in St. Clair Shores. Years of experience in both water restoration and carpet, tile and grout cleaning give us extreme confidence in our ability to handle any job we encounter. We take pride in our quality workmanship.

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No Insurance? No Problem.

Although Flood Kleenup can deal with your insurance company to guarantee a speedy recovery, we understand that not everyone has flood insurance. In your time of need, we're here to provide you with affordable rates to help you on your road to recovery. For more information, please give us a call.