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An example of the Flood Cleanup process from St. Clair Shores

The affected area(s) were three rooms in the basement of the household in Saint Clair Shores, including a storage room, sewing room, and main display room.

At the household we began in the main display room by first testing the moisture and then we began moving the contents of the affected carpeted areas onto the ceramic tiled areas.

Afterwards we began the actual remediation process by using a water extraction machine to remove any existing water from the basement surface including tile, carpet, and other affected surfaces. During the time we removed the existing water, we removed any contaminated contents like base molding for example and other affected porous products like the wooden paneling of the walls; that also included the removal of any paper and cardboard items. After removal of the standing water, other areas of tile were still dirty from the category 3 water.

Category 3 water, as described by the IICRC, is grossly unsanitary, and could cause severe illness or death if ingested. Previously known as black water, this descriptor has since been removed to avoid confusion. Sources for category 3 water include, but are not limited to, sewage; flooding from rivers or streams; wind driven rain, water from beyond the toilet trap; water from the toilet bowl with feces; and standing water that has begun to support microbial growth. So we sanitized those areas with Benefect, which is a microbial disinfectant that we use to prevent mold and other problematic microbial growth.

After spraying Benefect, which is completely safe for humans and even pets, we placed the large furniture on foam blocks to allow air movement under the heavier contents to dry out the flooring. Continuing on in the remediation process we began to place equipment down to actually being the the drying process. We placed one dehumidifier to remove the excessive moisture in the air. We also placed seven air-movers throughout the basement in each room we had at least two air-movers to circulate the air and dry the wet floor and surrounding walls.

We let our equipment run for two full days to ensure the affected areas in the basement are completely dried out and then we tested the previously affected areas to ensure that the basement is completely dry and safe to begin the remodeling process.

This is just a small part of our job, a long with sanitation, and content manipulation we will remove all effected paneling, dry-wall, or other effected walls; along with insulation if it's insulated. Carpet and pad will also be removed, along with any other surface area that is not sealed where water could access underneath.

Another example - a large church in St. Clair Shores

This was a larger job that was hit by the large storm. Six Thousand square feet of affected area and contents needed remediation. Water Restoration of large areas is quite different from a basement, that is broken up into several rooms. For this job, we needed to carefully calculate the equipment needed, and closely monitor the drying process to ensure a proper job was done. It took 36 air-movers, and 8 dehumidifiers to completely dry out the church. Along with tearing out cabinets, vct tile, carpet, base molding, and content manipulation, it took us three thirty yard dumpsters to completely demo this job.

Large jobs are not completed in three days, like most smaller jobs would be. The demo, and content manipulation is done the same day, but the dry out usually takes three extra days to make sure moisture levels get down to manageable levels.

Day one: Used two water extraction machines to extract water from carpet, and vct tiled areas. Amounting to six thousand square feet of extraction. Used two BMJ pumps, to pump all standing water out of the Furnace rooms. There was three feet of standing water, in a 15x12 room. Started demo on dry wall, and removed base molding. After the extraction, we dropped our equipment to start the dry out process, to remove any extra moisture.

Day two: We finished the demolition, and removed all of the affected carpet and dry-wall, along with the rest of the cabinetry. Still leaving our equipment to remove excess moisture. Applied an anti-microbial, to prevent mold, and other bacterial growth; while sanitizing affected areas.

Day three: Now that all of the demo is done, it is now possible to get a perfect dry out. All of the excess moisture that was left in the carpet, drywall, or other woods and porous materials is out of the church. This allows our dehumidifiers to pull the moisture out of the air instead of the contents much more easily. By the end of day three, the humidity levels are a lot closer to normal than when we started in the morning.

Day four: The last day of equipment usually, depending on moisture readings that we take throughout the day the make sure that everything is going well. We will then remove the equipment from the premise, and prepare for the renovations to bring the church back to it's pre-loss condition.

The renovation process following water damage is a long one. Usually at no fault of the home-owner, or company doing the reconstruction. The insurance company has many protocol before issuing checks, and it's done in steps. We are not allowed to do anything they have not given permission to do.

If the home-owner wishes to expedite the process they may wish to put the money up themselves, and anything not covered they would be responsible for.

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