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Structural Drying of Floors, Walls, and Ceilings

A dehumidifier set up as apart of the flooded basement dry-out processHere at Flood Clean up, we can help reduce the costs of repairs following water damage by using state of the art structural dry out techniques.

When we asses water damage, one of the biggest questions we are going to ask is what, and where is wet. We use moisture meters to determine exactly where it wet, even where the eye can not see. When water is on the floor it will seep up the walls, to equal its self out. This will result in the dry wall, and insulation to become damp and or soaked by the water damage. The paper on the back of the dry wall is a great food source for bacteria. It is essential to tear it out if there is insulation, if there is no insulation we can simply drill holes behind the baseboards.

It is not possible to save a lot of contents, and material that was no possible a few years ago. Which changes in how water extraction, and restoration works today, and new technology it is possible to salvage what used to have been a pure loss. With many new advanced restoration techniques and equipment structural drying has become a lot easier to maintain then in the past.

Water/Moisture wants to balance it's self, meaning water wants to make non wet materials wet.

Water may have came up through the drains, or sump pump and never affected the ceiling tiles. If the water is left untreated for several days you will notice that the ceiling tiles have become affected from the moisture and humidity in the air.

Controlling the moisture in the air is an integral part of structural drying. Using industrial Centrifugal Fans, or air movers we put the moisture into the air so that our Industrial Dehumidifiers can absorb the water out of the air and dry the affected areas completely. By regulating the amount of moisture we put into the air, we can calculate how many dehumidifiers we will need to make sure that we are not putting more moisture into the air then we extracting.

It is important that you also do not over dry a structure as there is always a certain amount of moisture in the air. You never want completely dry air. Our goal is to get the moisture levels back to a more steady and common level.

Whether you have water in your basement, a busted pipe, ice dam, or a sewage back up we are sure to be able to dry out your structure and get it back to preloss conditions in a timely and professional manner.

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Although Flood Kleenup can deal with your insurance company to guarantee a speedy recovery, we understand that not everyone has flood insurance. In your time of need, we're here to provide you with affordable rates to help you on your road to recovery. For more information, please give us a call.